Hand books

# Content Downloads
1 Guidelines for Returning Officers for Election of Panchayat President / Vice President-2020 364 Visit Page
2 Guidelines for Election of Standing Committee Members and Chairman in Local Self Government Institutions-2020 538 Visit Page
3 Guide Lines For Municipality (Chairperson & Deputy Chairperson)-2020 221 Visit Page
4 Hand Book For Electoral Registration Officer (ERO)-2020 365 Visit Page
5 Hand Book For Police Officers-2020 203 Visit Page
6 Pamphlet for Voters, Candidates and Political Parties-2020 171 Visit Page
7 Hand Book For Returning Officers (English)-2020 920 Visit Page
8 Hand Book for District Electoral Officer (DEO)-2020 268 Visit Page
9 Hand Book For Presiding Officer - 2020 280 Visit Page
10 Hand Book For Reservation 230 Visit Page
11 Model Code of Conduct Visit Page
12 Hand Book for Approved Symbols 578 Download
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